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triple digit ok renaissance ritual ok real sweet rachael brown pacific children result. in israel which is available in the movie told to a period when her children recently. began rebels are ready to storm gadhafi hometown under nato and showed in a desperate effort to find if you did colonel that there's european governments thought that i would find her oil deals in the country. hurricane irene has claimed its past lives with six dead as to be a windsor back to the coast of north carolina and virginia new york is bracing its outboards feared it will be the worst storm in a generation that sounds in order to believe it's out of the city's public transport and subway shutdown. also british world war two veteran who's been leading a kind of page expose alleged additional corruption as the jailed for six months illegally reporting that point nearing eighty five years old enormous costs made to
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juice trees trying to silence them. and their comical part of the appendix hopes that its new to elect a president who faces the tough tosk of rebuilding the connections economy former vice president alexander and the modern one of five that time with a lot of the good reason to want to business. news from russia under around the world this is all she was need of all of us thanks for joining us fierce fighting is continuing in libya as rebels keep up that search for moammar gadhafi nato coalition forces have launched not tarik on his last remaining stronghold serves to pave the way for a full scale ground offensive by the rebels there were however about his stockpile of weapons including mustard gas which they fear the colonel could decide to use if he's cornered and while gold is up. hiding out with numerous reports of atrocities
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on but signs where the transitional council struggles to bring stability to the devastated capital and with fighting in tripoli largely over residents now face of beer fuel and a third shot at as well as little electricity or running wholesale the city for two million people. live there and brings us this report on the humanitarian side of the conflict. was. they held the bible of the khadafi regime is not heretical believe in new libya nobody's seen the people nobody cared about this before. the capital tripoli is easy for air. people may not know for sure what the future will bring but they know that the past will never return. everything that might remind people of all the decades of dictatorship is being
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overthrown this is only for dirty things no only for it it seems he is fighting has continued since rebel forces ended tripoli during the week and much of the city bears the scars a war on top of months of relentless bombing by nato and you have it ends of the bloodshed emerged when hundreds of bodies were found in a hospital abandoned by stoffel in the arrival of rebel forces with no one clear control many residents now live in fear of anarchy and of armed men from both sides of the conflict. the basement froude the shows as a trophy one while he took part in the overrunning of conduct his residence double as a zia when we entered we saw many weapons and. there is no good for you anymore the that the man says he would love to have another prize khadafi is had. was great and up this was. don't you.
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see. what's. happening is not yet over. tripoli. meanwhile nato allies are radio eyeing up leaders vast oil reserves countries who work together to break the doctors who are now racing against each other to secure lucrative energy contracts. to feed is a new regime a very good reason a slide into corruption. half a billion dollars from italy now a whopping one point five billion from the u.n. . three hundred million dollars from turkey it's questions abound about the future of the paste it back here it's the money it's been talking the loudest governments have a strong interest. in. opening up business and
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. everybody is very simple it leads foreign minister has the night that there's a race on with france to be the first on the ground to restart business in libya and the italians have me clear their eagerness to maintain the extremely close trade ties they enjoyed and they get back the regime but as the money begins to flow to help the national transitional council as it takes power the big question mark remains a very exact it is fast funds belong to in. states which is coming to an end the borderline between wealth the product well for the good of its family and the wealth of the state were not very clear so it's hard to see how much of this money was a direct imagination of the darkness wealth of wealth and how much of it was actually. could be categorized as libyan assets because that the family were
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authentic cheesed easing libya's riches and their own personal pocket money now there are concerns that the unfreezing of libyan assets without effective monitoring key to aid in the floodgates to new corruption leaders know a lot of opportunities and everybody's trying to. you know it's sort of. been trying to exploit this war as best everybody lucrative oil gas and infrastructure projects to follow as the water on country rebuilds everyone it seems. the action by war is nowadays indispensable for western economies worser industries. you destroy your view destroy everything it's like a vicious circle it's not just italy that have been trying to keep the national transitional council on sight like it or not many western countries pay for libya i mean big
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business there. new york is bracing itself for what could be the worst storm to hit the city in a generation hurricane irene has a way to cause severe damage in north carolina and virginia and spawned the natives in the area moving up to two million people without an interesting right now it can cross lights in reno nine a new york. marina hello there so what's the scene like they new york how would you describe the atmosphere in the big apple right now well right now the big apple looks extremely eerie the streets are empty businesses are are either have boarded up their windows or put along their windows the tropical winds are beginning to move into new york city at this moment and you could feel the wind increasing you feel are being increasing the rain is coming down like sheets of water and new york city has also been put under
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a tornado watch told up five am sunday morning in new york city michael bloomberg did have a press conference stating and urging all new yorkers to stay away from their windows move away from their glass windows because he says the winds are going to speed between now and sunday afternoon sunday evening these winds are expected to be as strong as eighty miles per hour if not more let's not remember new york city it is a city with extremely tall buildings so it's a it's sort of like a graph of. of buildings that concrete tunnels knock anyone down he said when everybody wakes up in the morning no matter what the condition is do not go outside because her neck sure glass branches could be moving all over the place are con ed may be forced to shut down power in certain parts of the city between now and certainly evening if those areas get to flooded
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let's remind our viewers that are from. today i new york city michael bloomberg for the first time in history issued a mandatory evacuation of certain parts of new york city up to three hundred seventy thousand people live there all these evacuation zones and that those evacuations began on friday evening and continued on through saturday into sunday up into this point and those evacuation zones include five hospitals eight nursing homes so people literally had to go to shelters a lot of people chose to not move chose to stay in their homes but overall there is a feeling of anxiety taking over not just new york but all the surrounding states as as this hurricane hurricane irene is moving in you did get to speak with some people that were heading to the stores to buy up some slice on saturday
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a little bit of what they had said. i did everything at the plaza we've pushed everything up in the garage. got plenty of food we prefer christening. this where we're. this is the only real one they've really had a major evacuation for so. you know something that we don't know the whole thing i'm scared out of like going outside in the i'm like tons of water like hurricane katrina like that hears me. the public transfer station system in new york city has also been shut down that includes the trains and the processes and that was in effect as of twelve pm on saturday and that is expected to be put to stay that way all throughout sunday at this and this point the new york city officials are are now we can see approach they're trying to monitor everything
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everything worn out everybody but at this point the truck went are moving in and everyone is just bracing themselves for this storm. that sounds extremely disturbing indeed iran has a really last state south of new york what's been the damage stammering there well several lives how they lost as irene has been moving in to new york but let's let's remind our viewers it's hit rights of states before approaching new york of roughly two million people living in virginia are without electricity at this point virginia according to the governor is facing serious flooding under storm surges there are expected to be as high as eight feet off the ground and the sustained winds sustained meaning continue was flowing is up to eighty miles per hour now this is a tropical storm warning extends all the way up to nova scotia canada this is a very serious storm for ginia north carolina out issues have issued curfews for
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this hurricane and supermarkets along the east coast were ordered the running out of supplies to the pentagon and also cars are loaded up two hundred trucks with emergency supplies and one hundred thousand national guard troops are on standby i could tell you this about two blocks away from where i live i saw. loads and loads of harmer's hummers military vehicles lined up all are along lexington avenue. we saw members of the army and members of the air force standing outside i did it for. some of the some of the military officials that were in uniform for the air force i asked him why why do you have so many vehicles lined up lexington avenue why are so many men and women in uniform here and he said that we've been deployed here to be prepared in the event of a serious emergency in the event you have to rescue people out of poms out of the building i could tell you that the city is prepared for the worst most new yorkers
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are hoping that the stories being overblown that it's being hyped up but i can't imagine that in time in this kind of time a time of economic crisis where cities would go and spend so much money and the federal government if this was not a serious storm and at this point we're waiting we're seeing it seems a little bit like a movie where you know you don't know what's going to happen but you're just prepared and that's the the circumstance here in new york that's right now marina for now reporting there live from new york marina thank you very much. let's move on now the phone the last rites in england has pushed prison populations that a record high british officials so far and spaced. no recording a court hearing or emmett's finds out how the country became the ones financing things. british prisons are full to bursting the courts are working overtime sending young people to jail for their role in the recent riots in england
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if they're sent to leeds prison they'll be languishing alongside eighty five year old norman scar he plied the arctic sea cheering the second world war serving his country taking essential supplies to the soviet union on the most dangerous journey in the world and now he's serving six months in prison on the whim of a british judge his crime recording a court hearing he said he did it because he's hard of hearing but the judge didn't accept that it was a very harsh sentence and i believe it was because season covering the corruption of the judiciary you see them frown upon me scott is no stranger to the legal system he won a case in the european court of human rights banning secret hearings yet still some cases in england are heard behind closed doors and recording and taking photographs is forbidden unlike in other e.u. countries scarth attends demonstrations where he shouts about corruption in the
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police and judiciary saying lawyers police and the courts are in cahoots and regularly persecution gag those who disagree with them that's why m.p. john hemming suspects the judge was trying to shut him up we have in theory in this country something called freedom of expression that is people's right to speak out about what they see as wrong as long as they're telling the truth and i'm very worried this is an attempt to get an elderly gentleman who may not always be right but he has a right here luckily for scott he has friends with knowledge of the law and they're acting for him not with the court of the for his case here to the boil court of justice but they don't feel justice is being served to him meanwhile claims he's being denied it then chill medication in prison. according to reports conditions in leeds prison. the war veteran can't get any exercise because he's unable to walk
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for the entire hour allocated scott also says he's being denied access to a lawyer by his jailers. every day every day it is. norman scarth is about to keep fighting to expose corruption just as he fought all those years ago to keep fascism out of his country the irony is the country he fought for is now the one he's fighting against your emmet ati london. this is r t r later on the program we take a trip with our russia close up team. and we travel a thousand kilometers from moscow to the city of heroes and they were not all story of ninety eight percent of the baby was there finding a new family before they turned six. turns of a new political chancellor of the former vice-president elected as the country's new leader and is under vibes exceeds president sergei gonchar died in office in may the victory again nearly fifty five percent of the vote ahead of two other
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candidates according to a chairman of the election commission the turnout was the highest in the soviet era barton reports now about the challenges the new president faces. former vice president alexander un vibe is now the president of the caucasus republic of our cars here the central election commission announced that he took fifty five percent of the one hundred two votes cast and they put voter turnout at a high seventy two percent all of this was made necessary by the death of the previous presidents surrogate by a gap which on the twenty ninth of may he died suddenly leaving power vacuum in his place yet because young people are going to expect a lot from mr primarily building up cars is ruined infrastructure after a long struggle for independence from georgia three years ago russia recognized the independence of abkhazia after a war away to the east in south ossetia and fears that the georgia may attack cars
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here as well and that was just the end of a long struggle for independence which started after the collapse of the soviet union and left a lot of the young republics infrastructure in ruins primarily the famous ones famous soviet holiday resorts along the coast here that will need to be built up and also the agriculture and fruit growing industries also very famous here but now very weak and if mr can build up both of those things he'll help this young republic to stand on its own two feet again. that's not check some other news stories from around the world one of the tightest regions has been killed in pakistan's tribal region a reservist on according to american officials. was reported mistaken on the list of america's most wanted militants in the region it was going to have to be a close confidence of osama bin laden who was killed in pakistan by american special forces in may our mantra has been large enough gun it's done as
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a teenager in the eighty's and was well known as an explosives expert. to more protesters have been killed by syrian security forces with activists saying there's been sporadic shooting troops concentrated in damascus suburbs some two hundred sixty state media said the interior ministry has been citizens not to take part in protests but their own safety meanwhile iran's foreign minister has read therms tehran's support for the assad regime but said the syrian president should also the legitimate demands of peacekeeping to do an estimate of the twenty two hundred have died in months just protests. fifty two people murdered in a casino turned by gangsters have been buried in the mexican city of monterrey bastien to the casino we want to take us to with liquid and sometimes a find a truck the people inside of the show suspect organized crime was behind that time one of the dead since two thousand and they cheering an ongoing government meeting with the drug gangs mexican president felipe calderon has to cannot three days of
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mourning on friday for the victims of the fire. and right now we continue to explore russia in the latest of our close up series looking at life across the biggest country in the world. this time one thousand kilometers from moscow to visit big here of region it's a place full of community spirit where family bonds are strong so much so that ninety percent of all friends and care of find a family before they turn six of these eager are going to a new husband finding out the reason for this remarkably high figure. apart from being a personal tragedy and of difficulty to overcome being an orphan there's also a social problem in russia there are thousands of thousands of orphans but the fact most of them are parents or relatives outside of the orphanage but these people
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simply do not want to look after them or caliber trusted to do so so this is something to be solved on a social level general social problem the for these children to be taken away how can they be tackled so it's not necessarily something that either an individual orphanage or an individual part of russia can provide but then the same region try to say ok we're being dealt with all these orphans we're receiving all these people but at least all we can do is provide all of them a new home and that's what they're trying to do as you can see more appalled. in russia it's hard enough to find a new family for healthy orphans and see even harder for children like these all of them diagnosed with serious physical and mental all psychological disabilities. but here at carroll's orphanage number one they manage it well and russians are currently hundred and fifty thousand children who haven't been adopted here ninety percent of all friends find
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a new family before their six. orphanages exist by themselves in isolation where reaching out to the potential parents and the authorities and working with them. first course of action is to try and place the children back with parents who often give them up scared off the diagnoses often and show that with the right care these children can lead normal lives that parents have to prove their attitude has changed for other potential adopters their educational courses and ongoing medical support all basics in the west but hardly universal in russia yet staff say these on the main reasons for their success you missed. it. doesn't matter how good the facilities are here or what care the children receive we are all of the staff here still know than an orphanage is no substitute for a family a quick straw poll shows as much here but i don't think there are three of us here me or my two sisters we really want to be adopted by the same family but not
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everyone wants three kids if the orphanage is track record is anything to go by we'll soon find a family. of four i knew probably these children are commendable but others are only so much of an orphanage and boon to solve the problem of adoption for tearing across them and not only adopted four children from orphanage number one but also sits on an adoptive parents committee yes the bill can you be i think the problem is the social attitudes towards the children it's not a case of money where an average family all of the state support is really there you just have to love the children themselves. i learned of his fourteen says she was betrayed by her parents and they said. they did then she finally found a secure group in the home we were always just a part of the group but here in the family you needed by someone there is not tenderness i'm happy.
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to just make an effort to connect with the world outside and adoption becomes more widespread in society they'll be more happy endings like this one. hands on me here with you know make up at all over who's a citizen of the hopefully should provide us with the normal person's perspective on adoption all these officials are telling us that the situation with adoption is improving more and more children are finding new parents for your own observations is this the case is becoming more popular yeah i think that this if you shoot the bottle has changed recently become ill from st louis here region and there are more and more. routes and who wants to be his own children's films because either they have the film problems all the wrong to come here bolt maybe some of them. a little three months from the government just to prove it i know
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there are people who are wrong all hinges there are very respected people and they . have a good future they have good jobs and professions so they did their best to achieve the same scene their life what do you think there's still some discrimination they think when people say this person is an orphan you know it changes their opinion about this person i think it happens in our world but i can see that the situation is changing with these points too because the people are quite all around to live in our region i'm on. my. coley they acquired we have good children from old grudges thank you very much i'll be speaking to you have a good record of who lives there and hear all that you've been told and also about the. source they have given and to the demands of hundreds of women after they went on a sex strike this nuns they stand
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a days spanning their husband's advances until a mountain highway which connects their remote community to the wider world was resurfaced this week laurie hoffman it's also known as the resident disaster people in new york but they would be willing to abstain from. in the strike across two legs colombian women with help backs to get a road paved what is she would you withhold sex for this week let's talk about that all right good economy we need doing something about that so. that will get better gas. that also i think you'd see he says to be to still make sex we were in france maybe for world peace or to end hunger or something like that not playing nothing no i don't think so. the deficit. in congress. so if american women stopped having sex do you think it would change
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things here we would have solved the deficit crisis very quickly what was going to do it was going to do and if that's the only way to get their mind motivated i can understand it or get me on the show a pretty quick is there any thing that you would withhold sex for are you kidding no i think it's an effective tactic. it certainly works there yes good for them do you think it would work anywhere in the world yes i think men and women interact the same way everywhere do you think it would work if men without thanks to get something done no i mean if it weren't sure i think it's a little crazy but i mean hey you gotta do what you gotta do is no crazier than going to war and shooting people to get things done that is very true whether or not you agree with these women tactic the bottom line is it got the job done with no violence needed.
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and that's the news for now with the recount all the headlines for you shortly.
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most of the. month some of the last city. blocks from mom brought. us a moment efficiency. some comfort. some a maneuver ability most navy asian fecit to demarks moscow's model famous here show on technology companies here on r.g.p. we've got the future covered. for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers on the t.v. . great.


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